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Go bankrupt: What does that mean?

The most important thing about “going bankrupt” If a person is insolvent and therefore has to file for bankruptcy, it goes bankrupt. If a person has gone bankrupt, they go through a bankruptcy procedure, through which they should obtain debt freedom. A person…


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At the MATTRESS DISCOUNTER we have an excellent, friendly, knowledgeable staff. We’ll encourage you to lay down and relax on any of the mattresses you are considering. We can give you all the specifications on the different products so you can make an informed, correct…


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Don and Marla Terrell started in the “furniture business” in 1983 at the old “Eastgate Shopping Center” at East 14th & Euclid ave. in Des Moines. In 1986 we moved to our current location at 4401 N. E. 14th St. and established the MATTRESS…