Mattress discounter dm

We realize that there are a lot of stores where you can purchase your next new mattress . If you’d like to “Save Some Money” and get a Much Thicker Nicer Mattress For Your Money stop into our warehouse showroom. Our beds are all nicely displayed so you can lay down on them and check-out the different sizes & comfort levels.

MATTRESS DISCOUNTER doesn’t have a high-priced fancy building, we don’t have commissioned salespeople and store managers and we don’t have extravagant advertising budgets. You won’t find inflated prices on our products to cover the “so-called” FREE-FREE-FREE STUFF and, you won’t find us having one “SALE” after another for every holiday or new season that comes along.

Since 1986 MATTRESS DISCOUNTER has been in business at our “Lower Cost Warehouse Location”. We’ve got new name-brand mattresses & boxsprings stacked to the ceiling with very low prices everyday and lots of headboards, chests, bedframes and other accessories. MOST PEOPLE ARE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED WITH OUR SELECTION AND PRICES WHEN THEY COME IN!